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Emma Sargent

Emma Sargent was born in Wollongong NSW Australia to an abstract artist turned ceramicist mother and a logistics operations manager father. Her birth was very difficult and she would have died without the intervention of her father. Being born on a public holiday in the early 80s meant Doctors were more likely to be found with hangovers and golf clubs than at the hospital on duty. Oddly, her first life memory comes from this time.

She spent a year on a small property called Koompartu before being bundled up into the padded back of a LandRover, way before the era of baby chairs and restraints, and headed off on a trip around Australia with caravan in tow. She would be put to sleep by Strauss on the stereo.

By the age of four, Emma had taught herself to read using an ancient record player and those tiny read-along records. She knew at this age that she wanted to be a writer when she ‘grew-up’. At the age of six, with a second hand gifted guitar with a slightly twisted neck from her German Grandmother, she taught herself to play. Her crotchet skills were also improving.

Her parent separated when she was six, and Emma found a new life in the tiny ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ town of Marrar in the rural Riverina region of NSW. Here, for the next 7 years with her pet rabbit ‘Cuddles’ she got to experience uninterrupted pure night skies and foil wrapped potatoes cooking in the embers of bonfires larger than cars.

Around the age of eight she began to hear the voice of her deceased German Grandfather; a renowned bio-chemist and Uranian Astrologer with keen interests in the esoteric world.

Around the age of nine, her German Grandmother introduced her to the word ‘Philosophy’ and the ideas captivated her.

She attended a tiny two-roomed primary school, and was voted School Captain in her final year.

Around 11years of age, Emma decided she was a Buddhist, even though she had a collection of over 42 bibles on her bookshelves, mixed with Stephen King, Catch 22, Catcher in the Rye and Dune.

At age twelve, her and her mother moved into the closest town, Wagga Wagga, with a population of 50,000 people. A step up from the 250 inhabitants and farmers of Marrar. Here she attended high school and was introduced to the works of George Orwell and Aldus Huxley.

A month before her fourteenth birthday, Emma suffered a spinal injury that prevented her from attending the beginning of year 9. After being told she’d never walk again without surgical intervention to fuse a rod to her spine, Emma began Alexander technique lessons and started weekly swimming sessions, which started with her being able to only float on her back in the heated pool. After six months she was able to walk independently again, but it would take another 10 years to become pain free.

She experienced her first significant intense spiritual encounter whilst laying on her bed unable to walk, and after the two hour interaction, she was able to get up from the bed and somehow walk into the kitchen. Although the walking was only short lived, it was a major life changing moment for the way Emma looked at herself, the meanings to life and the functioning of the world.

Holding down a part time job since the age of 14 and nine months, Emma sold her trampoline to pay for a new guitar ‘Dolores’ which she still has today.

As life began to open, Emma questioned everything – always immersed in deeper thoughts and extra-sensory experiences. She once convinced a people loving-but cat hating dog that she was a cat. A successful experiment in the realms of thought energy and vibrational perceptions.

Moving to Brisbane, Queensland at the tail end of 1998, Emma began her walk of life, holding many jobs from Personal Assistant to Project Officer. She ran the business of an internationally renowned Photojournalist for 3 years, and staged many exhibitions of his work in that time, before heading off to London for a year in 2006.

In 2011, Emma gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who has become the resident planet expert at home and at his local Montessori school.

After having a Total Life Planning session with Alex Telman in 2013, Emma’s life has taken the direction she had always wanted, but had been unable to effect.

She runs a small home business, inherited from her father after he passed away in 2014, and occasionally works in the Print Industry as a Creative Specialist. She spends her free moments thinking and writing.

She has recently finished a short novella – The Wolf and The Bee – a modern day fable, which forms part of a 3 story collection.

This year she is working on finishing the first book from a dystopian trilogy that she began the original notes on when she was sixteen years old. The story is a classic dystopian thriller, something she hopes George Orwell would be proud of.

Emma has another eight titles in the pipeline, including two TV shows and a major movie prequel.

She lives on the Northside of Brisbane with her young son and two cats – Shantiji and Tenzen.

Emma is fascinated by Dreamtime stories, Mythology, Folklore and all paranormal or supernatural experiences. She has future plans to host an exhibition of crop circles and essays.