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The Healer

Once upon a time, Psychics and Healers were revered. They held positions of status and authority. They were the closest confidants to Kings, Emperors and mighty rulers.

Over the centuries, the Western world changed.

Psychics and Healers moved underground, as though their work had become taboo.

To admit consulting with one was akin to a belief in faeries, witchcraft or even aliens.

Today, there are different classes of Seer. Some charge $5 a minute, giving readings of a dubious nature over the phone.

The real Psychic Healer operates by word of mouth. Often they are booked weeks and months in advance. They consult to the most powerful and wealthy.

They are privy to information that would boggle the mundane mind.

They hold court between what is seen, and what only they can see.

They are the holders of truth, reveling in the mysteries of life and ancient wisdom.

Alex Telman is a real Psychic Healer.

These are my conversations with him.


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